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Great Changes!

When your bathroom is looking a bit lackluster, it’s time for some remodeling. While the thought of having to spend money on total renovation can be off-putting, you can actually save money by choosing the right materials. You might be worried that choosing them will result in a bathroom that’s similar to the bedroom but with a shower, however, that’s not always the case. In fact, you can change the entire feel of your bathroom by simply changing what it’s made of. Here are a few ideas for simple bathroom remodeling projects you can start right away.

Add Warmth

If you notice that your bathroom is feeling a little cold, you can give it some warmth by choosing materials that retain heat. Instead of tiles that are made of porcelain or tiled walls, you might want to consider using stone, concrete, or even bricks for the walls. All of these materials will provide you with the added bonus of retaining heat and making your bathroom feel more like a cave. If you’d like to add a little color, consider using light colors so that the warmer ones will stand out.


Dare we say it, but the traditional white tiled bathtub is a little boring, not to mention the white sink and toilet in your bathroom. To give your bathroom a modern update, consider choosing another color for your tub, tile, or even sink. By choosing a different color, you’re not only adding a pop of color, but you’re also changing the feel of your bathroom in a way that’s similar to adding stones or bricks.

Eco-Friendly Materials

You can choose materials that will definitely have a positive impact on the environment by choosing those made from eco-friendly materials. Using eco-friendly materials means that you’re helping the environment by choosing them, and you’re also choosing them because they’re more durable, which means that they’ll last longer and you’ll save on repairs.

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