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Adding More Style and Character in Your Bathroom!

The smaller the bathroom, the more important it is to maintain its space and function. While most bathroom remodeling contractors will feel obliged to upgrade the layout, window treatments, and lighting to increase space and curb appeal, you should also be considering smaller, but equally important bathroom features, like a small bathroom remodel.


You can add a bathtub and enjoy the benefits it can bring. This is a great feature to add not only when you have a small bathroom space but also if you have an old bathroom. When remodeling a small bathroom, you must choose your bathtub wisely as this may take up a lot of space and you don’t want to have to compromise with your bathroom.


A large, open shower space can be daunting, especially if you have nowhere to store toiletries and shampoo. A small bathroom will feel more intimate with more privacy features like a vanity.

Towels Bar

Keeping your bathroom well-stocked with bath and beauty products can be a challenge if you have tiny cabinets and very little countertop space. Try installing a towel bar on the wall above the sink to add extra storage and options to keep your bathroom clutter-free.

Shower Curtain

If you have a glass-encased shower stall, consider installing a shower curtain to blackout the light and keep the light from shining into the bathroom. In addition, consider installing blackout curtains to block out the morning sun, so you can wake up and get ready for the day without being pestered by sunlight.

Tile Wall

You can also install tile walls in your small bathroom. This will add more style and character to your bathroom and make it feel different from other bathrooms. A small bathroom tile wall can make your bathroom look more updated and give it the style you want.

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